Construction of the New Theatre Coming to the Magic Kingdom Begins Soon


Earlier this year at the D23 Expo, it was announced that an exciting new theater that would be coming to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. There has been a strong speculation among the Disney Parks community, that this theater would be located in what is now the cast member parking lot that is behind Main Street U.S.A.

That information has now been confirmed. We also now know that soon after Disney wraps up a filming event on October 28, 2017, construction of the theater will begin. You may also be familiar with this area of the Magic Kingdom, as it has been used a bypass of Main Street U.S.A. when the park is extremely crowded.

At this time, Disney has still not announced what entertainment will fill that space, but we will report on that information as soon as it is released. All that we do know is that the exterior of the theater is inspired by the 1920s Willis Wood theater in Kansas City.

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