Disney and Fox a “Done Deal” and Formal Announcement is Expected Thursday

According to CNBC, the Disney-Fox deal is essentially done, and the parties are planning a formal announcement on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

Yesterday, Comcast dropped out of the bidding, leaving Disney as the sole suitor. That left Disney and Fox to just work out financial details, which apparently will be substantially finished by Thursday’s planned announcement.

No additional details have been released regarding exactly which Fox properties will be part of the deal, but our post late last week has all the details and there is no indication that anything has changed.

Fox shareholders will retain ownership of the remaining Fox assets, in a new company valued at around $10 per share. Based on Fox’s share price today of around $34, that means the assets being sold to Disney are valued at $24 per share, or a total of $44.5 billion. Disney will of course pay a premium to that valuation, so we expect the deal to be in the $60+ billion range.

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