The Moment a Disney cruise ship collides with a metal pier in the Bahamas

The Disney cruise ship accidentally backing into a pier in Nassau, Bahamas, on Saturday.

As the large boat called Disney Dream runs into the metal pier there is a disturbing sound of crushing metal that can be heard from several hundred yards away where a man is taking a video.

‘I knew that was going to happen,’ the man named Scott Lewitt says. ‘Holy f*ck.’  ‘Goofy driving the boat today’ Disney cruise ship runs into dock

The Disney Dream cruise liner came in to dock in Nassau, BahamasThe ship miscalculated its landing and collided with a metal pier

‘Apparently Goofy’s driving the boat today,’ he says. ‘Bet you somebody gets fired over that. Holy moly.’

When the ship gets a few dozen feet away from the pier the camera zooms in on the dented hull.

Damage to the ship appears minimal and the hull was not punctured.

The ship was reportedly on a three night cruise out of Port Canaveral with port stops in Nassau and on the cruise line’s private island Castaway Cay. The collision did not affect the sailing schedule.

One of the passengers on the boat tweeted after the incident with photos of the damage, saying that they were all back onboard.

The hull of this ship was badly dented but not punctured, so it was able to stay on schedule

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